Whitening Clay Treatment

A step ahead treatment for Pigmentation, Ageing and Melasma

What is this Whitening Clay Treatment?

Experts who study skin pigmentation say that there are up to 90 % of women aged 35 who have a skin pigmentation condition. About 90% of Melasma sufferes are women. 97% of Pregnant Women experience some kind of hyperpigmentation. This problem does not affect health but causes uneven skin, which affects the aesthetic aspect that makes you lose confidence in life.

Its a newer anti pigmentary treatment which effectively controls the free radical generation. It inhibits the many pathways of melanin synthesis occurring within the skin

Whitening Clay treatment is a good option for Melasma patients because of limited options. It is also very effective for any type of pigmentation ( Pigmentary demarcatory lines, Post Acne pigmentation, Uneven skin, photoaged skin etc). We also use it regularly as an anti – aging Texture improvement treatment.

There is proven efficacy for whitening in the face, decolletage and body areas.

Whitening clay treatment is an intensive but safe treatment with predictable outcomes post procedure

Benefits of Treatment

Preparing For the treatment

Its a walk – in procedure and can be done immediately. Retinoids and Hydroquinone based products should be discontinued at least 3 days prior to the treatment.

what is the treatment like

The clients face is assessed with our skin analyser and the problem areas are marked out. Then thorough cleansing and degreasing of the skin is done followed by  application of the mask. The product is gently massaged into the skin of the client and left for a predefined period

They effectively treat the pigmentation, Melasma, fine lines, photo damaged skin, dull , damaged skin

For clients who have had any Skin Improvement peeling sessions will have a similar experience. It is not a painful treatment at all

The number of sessions is generally tailored according to the clients reporting by our skin analyser and the doctors assessment. Generally one can go for atleast 6 sessions at a gap of 1 month to get their desired results.

In the week after the treatment, Client will experience dryness and flaking of the skin. Redness may be present. Proper after care routine should be followed to reduce the discomfort.

Popular Questions

Asking that question is a little inappropriate for any skin treatments because the ultimate end result is dependent on the healing power and the response of the clients skin to the treatment. Skin Treatment is a science. And we as doctors are using the best technology and latest products to give our clients International standards of treatment.

Its a quick procedure taking around 20 minutes.

  1. We advice our treated clients to wash their face with plain water till the peeling of the skin is complete.
  2. The peeling skin should not be picked or pulled out.
  3. Treated area can feel swollen or sore after treatment.
  4. Avoid any salon activities like facials, plucking, threading , waxing for at least 10 days after treatment
  5. Avoid excessive sun exposure,  hot saunas after the procedure.
  6. For any doubts and queries , you can call our helpline.

We generally tell our clients to avoid makeup application for atleast 2 days after the procedure and after a followup if we feels all is right, you can go ahead and use your makeup. But in rare cases if you do require, you may use it but with caution.

One can plan the treatment at such a time that the downtime coincides with the day off at work.

We are giving INTERNATIONAL treatments in Nagpur. Quality is not a compromise ever at our centre. These can be discussed with your treating doctor.

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