Thread Lift

One of the Most popular Korean Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

What is this thread lift?

To age is Mandatory, To look your age isn’t. With lots of exposure to media and social gatherings, the urge to look young remains. Not many will take the extreme step of going for face-lift surgeries. Though they do give dramatic results, but there is downtime and the risk associated with any surgery. That’s where the Thread Lift fits in. Its a non surgical Face Lift treatment to give you that enhanced look but lifting your skin and taking back your years.

We use temporary sutures, the same that are used in any regular surgeries. They are made of Poly idioxanone materials which  get absorbed from the body within 4-6 months. 

Threads are great for early signs of face sagging. They give dramatic lift to the cheek and jaw area. Thread Lift is also used for creating a sharp jawline and reduing the double chin. 

Thread Lift is one of the non invasive skin treatment therefore carries a very low risk. Chances for bleeding, scar formation, bruising, infection is negligible.

Preparing For the treatment

Stop Blood thinning agents atleast a week before your procedure ( like Aspirin). 

Stop Green Tea, Ginseng 1 week before the treatment

How It Works

Thread Lifts uses absorbable suture material that is introduced into the skin and then pulled back. These are temporary threads that dissolves within the skin within the next 6 months. The track wherein the threads have been introduced give a nice pull to the skin which is visible as face lifting and stimulates the body’s healing process and causing increased collagen formation along the track. This gives an increased tightness and elasticity to the treated skin of the client.

They effectively treat the sagging cheeks, the jowl, the marionette, under eye wrinkles, sagging neck, decolletage, crepy hands, stretch marks.

The treatment begins by cleansing the skin and sterilizing it with alcohol swabs. Then a numbing cream is applied for almost an hour which effectively alleviates the superficial sensation. Additional numbing can be giving if the doctor feels so after assessing the case. Overall its a comfortable procedure and the doctor tries her best to make it pain-free.

Its a single session skin treatment if you go by the number of threads the doctor has advised you. Results are immediate. We asses our clients in 2 weeks and 3 months, wherein maximum improvement can be seen.

We advice topups to continue the effect of the treatment. This is in the form of Monothread treatment ever 3 – 6 months. The Cogs Thread Lift can be repeated after 1.5 – 3 years.

Doctor tries her best to minimise the risk of bruising. If at all you urgently need to visit someplace, you can apply Arnica gel or camouflage it effectively. The point of entry is barely noticeable.

Popular Questions

Both male and female can get threadlifts done for chin , jowl sagging, neck lift of mild to moderate degree. Somebody looking for rejuvenation and getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles can also get monothread lift done allover.

The numbing cream requires 1 hour for its effect to set in. The treatment per se depends upon the number of threads and can range from 15minutes to an hour.

  1. We advice our treated clients to tie up their face with a stole daily at night for atleast two weeks. This will help stick the threads at their raised positions and stimulate maximum collagen production.
  2. Bruising if any, can be managed with the application of Arnica gel and tablets as adviced by the doctor.
  3. Treated area can feel swollen or sore after treatment.
  4. Avoid massaging your face unless told to do so by your doctor.
  5. Avoid bending, stooping, carrying heavy weights, hot saunas after the procedure.
  6. For any doubts and queries , you can call our helpline.

We generally tell our clients to avoid makeup application for atleast 2 days after the procedure and after a followup if we feels all is right, you can go ahead and use your makeup. But in rare cases if you do require, you may use it but with caution.

Being a lunch time procedure, you can join the very next day. But we advice the treatment to be done on the last weekday so that you can rest the following weekend. But if your profession involves lot of stooping, bending and exertion, you can consider taking a few days off.

Dont worry. You will look like yourself after the procedure. It only lifts and tightens the loose and sagging skin.

It depends on the number of threads that will be required to give you the desired results which can be discussed with your treating doctor.

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