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You suffer from shoulder pain? The shoulder joint is the most flexible and at the same time most complex joint of the body.

When shoulder pain initially recommended a careful examination of the shoulder , if necessary followed by imaging techniques. After a successful diagnosis has been made, conservative therapy often proves useful. For acute shoulder injuries as well as for long-term complaints, surgical intervention should be considered, for which a wide range of modern therapeutic procedures is available. Especially after shoulder operations , a professional follow-up care and support in the rehabilitation phase is particularly important – we are happy to advise you.


This syndrome is the most common cause of shoulder pain . It refers to a variety of diseases of the joint area below the shoulder roof (Subcromialraum) . In this context, often the term “subacromial syndrome” (= bottleneck syndrome), which sums up various causes that result in bursitis. Conservative methods are generally used as treatment. However, if the pain persists over a period of three to six months, surgical therapy is recommended . Dr Mohammed Faizan will be pleased to be able to advise you competently in these matters.


The tendons, which extend from the scapula to the humeral head , form the so-called rotator cuff . They serve – as the name already suggests – to move the arm to the side or upwards and also turn it outwards and inwards. As you grow older, you also run the risk of having a rotator cuff tearing; This is caused, for example, by an accident or due to a degenerative process. The treatment methods are very versatile, but most of the time surgery is the only way to regain full function and freedom from pain. Consult Dr. Mohammed Faizan for more details.


A common cause of shoulder pain is arthritis ( osteoarthrosis ) of the shoulder joint. An osteoarthrosis is caused by injuries, fractures of the humeral head, age-related signs of wear or even by many years untreated cracks of the rotator cuff . Over the years, considerable progress has been made in shoulder arthroplasty, which makes it possible to replace the articular surfaces of the humeral head as well as the shoulder socket with
prostheses made of titanium or polyethylene and thus to achieve very good results, which usually results in complete freedom from pain.


The instability of the shoulder joint is usually based on an accident-related event such as a dislocation (dislocation) , in which there is a detachment of the joint clasp. As a result of untreated instability, premature wear of the articular cartilage and osteoarthritis usually occur .
Dr. Mohammed Faizan will assess you well and treat accordingly.



The long biceps tendon is located within the shoulder joint . Injuries can occur, for example, as a result of accidental tearing or tearing of the tendon at its attachment to the shoulder socket; In this case, we speak of a so-called SLAP lesion . The treatment methods depend on the type of disease: whereas inflammation can often be treated conservatively, a bicepstenotomy or a bicepstenodese is often necessary in the case of wear disorders . Do not hesitate to inform yourself in the course of a personal conversation about individual treatment options with Dr Mohammed Faizan


The shoulder stiffness describes an inflammatory disease of the shoulder joint capsule and is usually based on injuries or untreated impingement. However, in some cases, their cause may remain completely unclarified. It goes through several stages and often ends in a considerable movement restriction of the shoulder . Initially, the treatment is based on conservative methods; if there is no improvement in sight, it is possible to cure that disease by means of surgery. Here, the primary focus should be on post-treatment with intensive physiotherapy. 
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