PRP For Hair

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What is PRP?

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma Proteins derived from whole blood wherein the Red Blood Cell Concentrates have been removed

PRP is being used for various dermatological indications like for theskin and hair.

Yes. PRP is one of the treatment choices for hair restoration of genetic origin for both males and females.

Depending upon the severity of hair fall, and hair density the PRP can be used for localised areas like in Alopecia Areata or for full scalp in sever hair loss.

PRP is prepared with all aseptic(Sterile) precautions and Injected into the vascular layer of the scalp.

Preparing For the treatment

Shower your hair the day of the treatment. Fix an appointment with your treating Trichologist. We will require your HIV and HBsAg reports. Facilities are available at our premises.

what is the treatment like

The treatment begins with analyzing your scalp condition with a trichoscope. After that a small amount of blood is withdrawn and taken to prepared PRP with all aseptic precautions. In the mean time, numbing cream is applied and a session of LLLT is started which will stimulate the Hair follicles at the bio-cellular level, prepping it for the treatment. After the PRP is prepared, the scalp is thouroughly cleansed and the PRP is delivered into the vascular layer of the scalp.

PRP is used to halt or reverse miniaturization, the process that causes common baldness.

As already mentioned, a numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure. We also use a massaging device as a distractor during the procedure thus reducing the discomfort.

Ideal candidates for PRP Hair Restoration are generally those population who are in the early stages of their hairfall where active growing follicles will be present abundantly. Even in those patients where the hair fall is advanced, the PRP treatments do work, but we inform them prior that the number of sessions required will be more. In addition, we also do PRP injections for Alopecia Areata.

The number of sessions is generally tailored according to the patients baldness and the response they get at the end of the month after treatment. A general approach is a minimum 6 sessions to see visible effect of the PRP sessions.

Following the treatment, the patient is allowed to take a warm shower the same day. Generally the procedure is well tolerated. Mild discomfort or headache may persist in some which can come down with any analgesic. Very Rarely, minimal swelling may be present on the scalp or can progress around the eyes, which generally settles in a day or 2.

Popular Questions

PRP offers an additional benefit of treating your hair, especially in those instances when they cannot use other forms of treatment. For instance, its a very good option for crown thinning wherein hair transplantation may not be possible or maybe a candidate where finasteride cannot be used.

The procedure is lengthy as it involves processing your blood. Do take time off when you come for the treatment.

There is no restriction on the activities after PRP treatments. As mentioned earlier, the patient may shower, shampoo/condition the same evening and resume normal daily and athletic activities. No harsh chemical coloring or perming treatments should be performed for at least 72 hours. Use of topical hair growth treatments like Minoxidil or similar can resume the same day. Laser therapy treatments can also be resumed the next day.

We use PRP to treat acne scars, pigmentation concerns and general collagen stimulation and for anti aging benefits

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