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A complete guide about Laser Hair removal that you should know

Are you tired of tweezing, shaving or waxing to remove all your unwanted hair? If, yes, then Laser hair removal is the new way to go. Yes, you are hearing it right!

Laser hair removal is a process that is used to remove unwanted hair through the exposure of laser light. Thus, you can enjoy the smoothness of any area of the body without any kind of discomfort or irritation that shaving or waxing may cause.

Yes, anyone can opt for laser hair removal. As a renowned dermatologist in Nagpur, I opt for all the precautionary measures before starting the session of laser hair removal. In this way, it eliminates certain risks such as the burning of the skin, itching, etc.

We are using a US FDA Approved and European Medical CE Laser. Be assured of the quality of treatment.

We are using the Latest Triple Wavelength Diode laser for the Best Painless Experience for Laser Hair Removal in Nagpur

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How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal process targets a pigment known as melanin that is present in the bulge region within the hair follicle. Through the laser light exposure, the follicle gets damaged which helps in the hair growth elimination or perhaps slows down the rate of hair growth. It may take several sessions to get the desired result in your favor.

Some of the specific areas of the body in which laser hair removal works best are underarms, lower legs, bikini, and upper lips. Sometimes, facial hair removal can be a bit challenging as the hair in this area are a bit thin and they are also stubborn and hormonally driven.

It solely depends on the area that we are targeting. In general, it takes about 7-12 sessions to get the desired result. Areas that have darker hair such as bikini, lower legs and underarms can give you a great result in only a few treatments. The face and the arms are some of the persistent areas and thus they may need more sessions.

On average, treatment should be done after a month interval. However, if your hairs grow very quickly, then more treatments would be needed. Hence, in that case, the treatment should be taken every 2-3 weeks and then you can decrease it to a 4 week to match with the hair growth cycle.

The laser sessions are very comfortable. The only sensation you will feel is the heat and it shows that the laser energy is effectively taken up by the melanin in the hair follicles.

The most you can have is redness which is generally rare and depending on the skin type. The redness is temporary and can be brought down quickly with ice pack application.

Popular Questions

You should make sure that you are not exposed to the sun as it can potentially increase the risk of hyperpigmentation and burn that is caused by laser treatment. Besides this, you should also avoid waxing before you are taking a laser session as it removes both the follicle and hair and thus there won’t be anything to target for the laser.

We Indians have a very rich skin tone in general. So, Elight laser works the best for our skin. It is also the gold standard for hair removal. Besides this, the laser that I use is US FDA and European Medical CE approved.

The treatment can take anywhere between 10 minutes for upper lip to 2-3 hours for full body hair removal

It depends on the body part that you are targeting. As of now, we are offering laser hair removal for underarms and upper lips at just 99 INR per session. So, it is recommended that you book your session now.

Preparing for the treatment

Suppose, if you have the appointment of laser session for tomorrow, then you should make sure that you shave your hair on the previous day. This is important as the entire hair would absorb the heat and energy and there is a considerable chance that the skin can be burned.

Besides this, less energy and heat would ideally reach the follicle base and thus you may not get the optimal result.

Take your first step

Say goodbye to those annoying hairs that are causing hindrance to your beauty. Our laser hair removal treatment will destroy all your hair follicles in a span of a few minutes. You will save your money, time and even yourself from shaving in the long run. I have been in this industry for 7+ years and I have mastered the art of laser hair removal which is not easy to implement at all.

Besides this, most of the customers that I have treated have been satisfied with the results that they have got from laser hair removal. 

Also, we are running some exciting discount for our patients and the offers won’t last long. So, don’t hold back and perhaps take an appointment from me today for laser hair removal.  I am easily accessible through call or email!

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