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What is Medical Grade Peeling?

High concentrated fruit derived acids are applied on the skin for a certain period of time. Due to its deep penetrative properties, it is able to traverse the skin barrier and directly have its effects on the underlying skin cells like melanin.

Give your skin the Best Peeling Experience in Nagpur by our Best Dermatologist Dr Ayesha Faizan

We use all Medical Grade and imported Peels which have years of research behind them. Each peel have been carefully selected by the doctor and have been personally tested.

Anyone desiring skin treatments can get them done except someone who has been applying steroids for a long duration

Yes! Be assured. Your dermatologist is taking care of your skin.

Preparing For the Best Peeling treatment

Stop your Night creams atleast 2 days before your Peel Appointment. (like Retinoids, Hydroquinone, Steroids )

Hydrate and Moisturise your skin well

Use an SPF 50+ Sunscreen atleast 1 week before the treatment or religiously after the session

How It Works

Medical Grade Peels now come with the nano technology. They have better skin penetrating powers as compared to conventional medicines. They enter the skin pores and directly have its effects on the sebaceous glands, melanin, water content etc depending upon the peel used.

They effectively treat the Pigmentation on the skin of your face, Neck pigmentation, Body Pigmentation and Tanning. They have shown hope to people with Melasma. Peels are a favorite among the acne population. Anyone looking for an even tone and complexion, erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Some peels work for your pores too. 

Absolutely not. 

For the Best peeling experience go with atleast 6 sessions for getting your desired results. The figure is best determined by your treating dermatologist. Some may require more sessions depending upon their conditions.

We advice maintenance Peels every month or every other month. For those not comfortable with the downtime can opt for our range of Medifacials for skin maintenance.

Generally Peels take their time to show its results. Depending on the peel, you may start seeing results from 1 week to a month. Some may experience redness, drying and flaking of the skin. 

Popular Questions

The procedure can take between 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the peel used.

  1. We advice our treated clients to religiously use their sunscreens they have been adviced at 10 AM and 2 PM or according to their work schedule.
  2. Moisturizing is the key to fast healing
  3. Treated area can feel dry and flaky after treatment. Again Moisturize.
  4. No picking your flaking skin.
  5. Avoid massaging your face, Threading, Waxing 7 days after the treatment.
  6. For any doubts and queries regarding your best peeling, you can call our helpline.

We generally tell our clients to avoid makeup application for atleast 2 days after the procedure. But in rare cases if you do require, you may use it but with caution.

You can return to work the same day. There is no necessary rest to be taken.

It will depend on the peel being chosen by your Dermatologist. Whether it will be a solo peel or a Combination Peel.

Like I have stressed earlier, our peels are all imported and research based peels. We have the best Peeling in Nagpur. Our doctor has full knowledge of the method of application and the indications. Peels are highly concentrated medications which in the hands of novice could prove hazardous. Keep your skin in safe hands.

Yes! They are a favourite amongst our International clientele. Its a 2 step procedure. The first procedure is carried out at the Doctors clinic and the second treatment is home based care which has to be continued for atleast 8 months after the treatment. COSMELAN can be used for any area of the body including face, and body.

Improvement Peels

These are STEP 1 peels at West Avenue Medical Centre for treatment of carious kinds of indications as read above. These include a wide range of peels, all imported from Spain, Russia, US etc. This includes Black Peels, Glycolic Peels, Salicylic, Lactic Peels, Mandelic and other special peels like Miami Peels, Milk Peels etc. Dr. Ayesha wants to give the best Peel experience to all her patients and hence is continuously updating herself by attending various Conferences and bringing back newer peels to her clinic.

Whitening Clay Treatment

This is a Mask Based peel from Spain. The main ingredients are high quality Mandelic, Salicylic, Arbutin, Hexyl Resorcinol and Kojic Acid. It has all the powerful whitening agents. Peel is indicated for lightening skin, even skin tone, light pigmentation, dark skin, not using sunscreen. 
Method of Application:
The mask is assaged into the skin and left for few minutes and later neutralised followed by application of a Sunscreen and Home care.

melasma peeling in nagpur

MeLine Peel

Another miracle product from Barcelona, Spain. The active ingredient of the product is Mandelic Acid · Ascorbic Acid · Tranexamic Acid · Phytic Acid · Pyruvic Acid · Salicylic Acid · Retinal · Sodium Hyaluronate. Its elements combine to provide total control over irritation and inflammatory activity, forming a product with outstanding melanin synthesis inhibitory action with epithelial turnover, but without the risk of rebound pigmentation, a significant aspect when treating ethnic skin.
Method of Application :
An even coat of the peel is applied to the full face, followed by a second coat on the heavily pigmented areas. The patient is called back for a touch up in 2 weeks only on the heavily pigmented areas.

cosmelan in nagpur


From the Mesoestetic, Barcelona, Spain. It is the Most used Depigmenting product world wide for hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Acne, Acne pigmentation, Dull, damaged and aged skin. For more details click here to know more.

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