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With age one develops dynamic wrinkles over the forehead and around eyes that gives away the age of a person. It can also make one look angry and dull looking.

Botulinum Toxin is a purified protein that has the property to relax a muscle. It comes by various names like Botox etc.

Botulinum Protein weakens the muscle into which it is injected. The muscle when in animation moves the skin over it causing wrinkles. By these anti-wrinkle injections, the wrinkles are reduced.

It can be injected to reduce the wrinkles over the forehead, around the eyes, over the nose, around the mouth.

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FAQS on Botulinum Protein

Botulinum Protein is an FDA Approved Drug and a naturally derived protein. It is used to correct the facial features for cosmetic reasons.

No. Very low doses of the protein is required for the cosmetic correction. Even high doses cannot cause any toxicity. It has very specific action to relax the muscle it is injected into

Results can be seen in 3 – 10 days. A follow up visit is scheduled in 2 weeks for any topup.

On average, treatment results last between 3 months to 6 months depending upon the metabolism. After repeated injections the result duration can be prolonged

Numbing cream is applied on the treatment area and then the procedure is performed. Even without the numbing cream because the muscles are very superficial, the discomfort is bearable.

Tiny bumps are visible over the treated areas that settles down in half an hour.

Side effects are rare but reported side effects include; bruising and bleeding at the side of injection, localized tenderness at injection site, headache for a short duration, and rarely eyelid ptosis (drooping of upper eyelid) and brow droop which are all reversible.

Popular Myths Busted

No. The muscle will return to its original state after the effect of the protein wears out.

Botox is only meant to enhance your already existing features. It has no effect on the other muscles on your face

Botox can be given to anyone above the age of 18 years who have increased skin movement over the forehead or around the eyes causing dynamic wrinkles.

Topical creams will only work on the outer layer of the skin. Any cream can Enhance the texture of your face. But Botox injections are into the muscle, the results of which cannot be attained from a cream

Considering the amount one spends on OTC Cosmetics etc to maintain the wrinkles (with no results), Botulinum Injections comes very economical to them because it delivers exactly what you are looking for

Like any other medical procedures, it has to be performed in a procedure with proper aseptic precautions and under the supervision of a registered Dermatologist.

Masseter Botox

A popular procedure, where the protein is injected into the masseters ( a muscle on angle of jaw) for Facial Slimming. Gives very good results solo and also in combination with Threadlift

Lip Flip

By giving strategic injections to the muscles around lips we can get fuller lips and results are satisfying and almost similar to Lip Fillers with almost zero downtime and insanely more affordable

Bunny Lines, Gummy Smile, Eyebrow Lift, Jawline Shaping

All this and more is possible with Botulinum Toxin. Inform your treating Dermatologist about your concern and Dr AYesha Faizan will definitely help you on it.

Microbotox | Baby-Botox

Botox in diluted form is injected very superficially into the skin for early wrinkling especially in clients in their 20s. 


Its a treatment for relaxing superficial muscles and can benefit facial sweating and improve pores.
Can give dramatic results in combination with PDO Tightening Threads

Preparing For the treatment

After a Skin Analysis and Dermatologist’s assessment, an appointment is fixed. Stop Blood thinning agents atleast a week before your procedure ( like Aspirin). Stop Green Tea, Ginseng 1 week before the treatment

After Instructions ​

  1. Do not rub or massage the treated area for 24hrs after treatment
  2. No strenuous workouts for atleast 24 hrs
  3. Do NOT lie down for 6 hours after treatment. Also Do NOT lean forward, shower, cook over a hot stove.
  4. You MUST keep your head UPRIGHT for at least 6 hrs after injection.
  5. It is recommended that you wait 12 hours after the treatment
  6. Be assured that tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours after your treatment.
    There is a small risk of bruising. If this occurs, do not worry since it will only be temporary and
    can easily be covered up with makeupbefore applying make-up.

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