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What is Acne Clinics about?

Acne is a very popular term known by population as Pimples, Zits, White heads, black heads etc. And the popular treatment by our young gen having acne is to pop them. VERY WRONG. Acne Clinics is all about Education about your Acne Skin, and Treatment of Active Acne as well as their sequel such as Pigmentation, Acne Scars, Open Pores, Rough Skin Texture.

To get acne you need to be unlucky enough to inherit that excess oil secreting skin from your family. That is just one predisposing condition. To make sure you get breakouts, you need to be very careless in your eating habits and skincare routine.

In one word the answer is YES! We analyse your skin with our Scanner and come to the conclusion about your skin type. Accordingly a skin care regime is planned for you. If you stick to it, 85 % of the times you  be able to manage your oily skin. The rest 15% is due to outbreaks which we will discuss further.

Not at all. These products are very high in acidic content and can lead to pigmentation and permanent scarring.

Frequently Asked

4 Things can cause Acne

  1. Skin Turnover (Clogging the pores)
  2. Acne Bacteria ( Propionibacterium Acnes)
  3. Overactive Sebaceous Gland
  4. Erratic Hormonal Profile
  1. Whiteheads
  2. Blackheads
  3. Red Acne
  4. Pustules
  5. Nodular Acne

Your journey with your Acne prone skin should ideally begin with your dermatologist who can properly guide you regarding our skin. Why You  get acne? How to maintain your skin to NOT get acne? What should your diet be like? When do I need to take treatment? etc etc

Acne is your state of skin. It is a part of you when you have inherited that type of skin from your family. There is no need o curse your skin. Every skin is beautiful. Every skin has its own advantage. And yours is that “Oily Skin Doesnt Age Quickly”.

So yes. Acne Skin is Manageable
And Acne Active is Treatable

Acne can heal with Hypopigmentation (Rare in Asian Skin), Hyperpigmentation which is very common, Depressed Scars, Elevated Scars ( Especially over the nose), Prolonged redness over the face.

Pigmentary changes are treatable with the help of medications, and Improvement peels and Restorative Laser Sessions.

Redness Responds wonderfully to Restorative Laser Sessions and are a boon to fast recovery.

BUT YOUR ACNE SCARS are best managed in the Preventive stage. Because once formed, they cannot be treated by any creams. They have to be managed by a Holistic approach of Lasers and other procedures.

A good Salicylic Facewash, and a good clenser should be your best friends. An Anti-acne cream like benzoyl peroxide should always be in your pockets for bad days.

faq from you to us

True. Some people do really get painful breakouts but please consult  your Dermatologist and get Educated about your Daily Skin care.  Solution: Medicines wont work like magic. Improvement peels are a great way to invest in your skin. And Laser Treatment works great to immediately suppress your acne. SO maybe you could go for a Laser shot if the acne is really bothering you.

  1. The cause of your acne falls in the fourth category of Hormonal involvement. These acne are best managed with Lifestyle modifications and Hormonal therapy in combination with Improvement Peels and Homecare.

Acne is known to be stress induced. Relax, don’t tense out, because its going to become a vicious cycle. Opt for Restorative laser sessions daily. What cannot be promised by any other treatment, we will deliver the results.

!! is my reaction. Today science has come up with beautiful skin care products that are acne friendly. Sunscreen and Moisturizer are a must for all types of skin.

Makeup exists for enhancement of ones features. Its a girl’s best friend. It gives you confidence to face the world by hiding your blemishes and maybe your tired look. Invest in good company makeup products. Go for light weighted and water based makeup. We have saved your time on research by making available some great products at our counter. You can get more info here or call on 9373866545 between 11 – 3pm.

Why do we need to treat acne?

for its sequele

severe acne treatment

Which occurs in all types of Acne. More Sever if the Acne was Large and was tampered with


All types of scars like depressed, elevated or atrophic scars not treatable by homecare

Shiny Face

Some love it. But for some it becomes a cause of worry


Unsightly Acne or sometimes even a single Acne can be the reason for Depression in a Teenager or Adult


If your body has a tendency to heal with extra skin, you can imagine what a face filled with Acne with heal with

Back Acne

Extensive Pigmented back due to acne is often misdiagnosed as some other illness and treatment is delayed

Treatment Offered at our centre

Medical Management

Definitive Results.
Pro : Best for Low Budget Treatment.
Con : Long Time

Comedone Extraction

For Black and White Heads
Pro : Speeds up Treatment
Con : Might need Multiple sessions

Fast clearance of Acne and Pigmentation
Pro : Reduces Treatment Time
Con : Redness may Remain 

For all types of Acne
Pro : Quickest  treatment for Acne
Con : Cost      

Combined with above treatments to give GLOW and PIGMENTATION lightening effect

Most Effective for Spot Pigmentation left Behind from Acne 

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