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New Trend in Hair growth? The Low laser light therapy

Having a head full of hair again? Is that possible? In short YES. Maybe you cannot reverse time and get the same youthful hair, but you can definitely stop your hair fall, thicken existing hairs and even grow back your hairs you thought were gone forever with the new device in the Medical Industry that is the Low Laser Light Therapy.

Low Laser Light Therapy or in short LLLTs that we’ll be calling it in the blog, is a safe laser therapy used in a variety of indications. One of them is for Hair Growth; mainly the genetic variant of Hair Loss in both Male and Female.

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Let us first discuss the current treatment options available for Hair Loss and Hair Growth. Firstly, hair problems are multi-factorial. That means a single medicine is going to work is very unlikely. Therefore for effective restoration of hair, a multi-modal Holistic approach is the key. The mainstay of treatment is the Minoxidil which already many of the existing population undergoing hair treatments are already familiar with. Minoxidil is The Drug to increase your hair density. But like I said Hair treatment should be holistic if you need to see results. Other molecules like procapil, caffeine, biotin, other vaso dilators etc act by increasing the micro-circulation, stops atrophy of the hair follicles, reducing the micro inflammation, provides nourishment, increases hair strength and elasticity. The newer molecules like Melatonin has also made its way for hair loss control by the mechanism that most of the hair fall is stress induced and due to lack of sleep. More details on the same are still under observation. Apart from this Finasteride and Dutasteride have also been used for a long time especially for male and female pattern hairloss specifically.

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Hair Growth after PRP Sessions

PRP ie Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy have also been there for few years and are showing very promising results as far as hair growth is concerned. Detailed post about these two novel treatments will be available shortly.

Now coming to LLLT. Why a newer treatment when there are already many available? Basically like I stresses earlier, Hair problems are multifactorial. So to get maximum benefit out of any medical treatment, a Holistic approach will always be a winner and hence Science has come up with another invention , The Low Laser Light Therapy. It is an absolutely safe, and side effect free Laser treatment which takes hardly 20 minutes and is super comfortable. Twice weekly visits to the doctors clinic is all that is required.

Who can take this treatment? Anybody above the age of 18 years, who is experiencing a hair loss, or has significant balding (but not near Balding because it doesnt work for them) is a candidate for LLLT. I strongly recommend LLLT to all my hair patients and it goes very well with your medical treatments as well as synergistically with your PRP and Stem Cell Treatment sessions.

Laser hair restoration

How does it work? The hair shafts absorb the laser light energy at cellular level following which changes occur within the hair bulb. This alters the biological characteristic of the cells and the surrounding tissues. And this photo-bio-modulation of the cells and tissues promotes hair growth in the dead follicles.

Rest apart, the LLLT is a clinically proven, USFDA 510K Cleared Device with plenty of positive feedbacks from users all around the world. LLLT is also recommended after hair transplantation immediately so that it can help stimulate healing of the woundes and improve the transplant results in hair loss patients. In fact hair transplant surgeons world wide have chosen The LLLT to improve results. Using it after hair transplant surgeries decreases the recovery time and increases hair thickness.

An innovated technology, with clinically proven results and US FDA Cleared. A lustrous bouncy hair is not so far away!!

If you are interested in taking the treatment, feel free to call on 9373866545 and get your Hair consultation with me.

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