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Korean thread lifting – Everything that you should know about the Non-surgical Face lift


In the past few decades, in order to perform thread lift, surgery was involved and it was followed by undesirable side effects such as thread breakage and infections. 

However, the thread lift industry has evolved a lot and thus most of the thread lifting procedures that are performed today are non-invasive.  

There are various types of thread lifts available in the market but the Korean thread lift is most popular these days and used widely in skin lifting procedures. 

So, today in this blog, I would be covering everything about Korean thread lifting. 

Let’s dive into it: –

What is a Korean thread lifting technique?

If you feel that your skin tissue is sagging and if you wish to tighten it, then you should definitely opt for Korean Thread lifting . The threads are made of PDO and it penetrates deep into the skin. Once the thread is introduced, it produces three types of effects:-

  • Instant lifting of the skin through the mechanical effects. 
  • Improvement in fine lines, skin texture and elasticity. 
  • Skin Tightening through the contraction of the fat issue. 

After 6 months of the procedure, the PDO threads would be disappeared on their own through the simple hydrolysis process. Further, the skin cells would be stimulated to produce new collagen as well as blood vessels such that the skin microcirculation is improved. 

Besides this, with Korean thread lifting, the fat tissue also contracts and thus it produces a facial slimming and skin tightening effect. 

How is Korean thread lift performed?

Korean thread lift is perhaps a minimally invasive procedure that is quite trending these days. In this, the PDO threads are inserted in the deep layer of the skin through cannulas after applying local anaesthesia.  Once inserted, it ties up the skin and it further lifts it upwards. Further, the excess thread is cut off. 

What is achieved through Korean thread lifting?

Korean thread lift make use of floating PDO threads in order to make the skin tight. Thus, anyone can take benefit of this as it has a collagen stimulating effect that prevents facial ageing. Besides this, it needs to be reapplied after every 2 year to get the best results.

How long does it take for the Korean thread lifting procedure?

It takes about 15-30 minutes depending on the area that is being treated. There can be a little discomfort during the treatment but I use the latest techniques such that my patients experience less pain. 

Besides this, it is also recommended to apply a numbing cream such that the procedure is painless. 

What are the areas that are suitable for Korean thread lifting?

The Korean thread lift is quite versatile and it can be practically applied to all the areas of face such as Undereye, Eyebrows, Cheeks, Jaw Line, Neck, wrinkles around mouth, Jaw line, cheeks and wrinkles around the eyes. 

What are the results that is expected from Korean thread lifting and how long does it last?

You will notice that your skin is immediately lifted after the procedure as the threads aids in lifting the skin to the new position. Your skin may look tighter initially but after a week it would give you a very natural look. 

After a span of couple of months, you will notice that you have a firmer, smoother and better skin texture.  In about 8-9 months, the threads would get dissolved in the skin but you would still be getting positive results for few more months. I as a dermatologist in Nagpur would recommend you to repeat the procedure every 9-10 months such that you get the maximum result. 

Is Korean thread lifting safe and what are the possible side effects?

Well, the Korean thread lifting technique is quite safe and the side effect associated with it is not very severe. 

If you talk about the side effects, then it completely depends on the procedure that is implemented. In some of the cases, bruising  can happen but that is also a very rare scenario. 

Hence, it is a pretty safe method and perhaps very low in complication. 

What are the things that needs to be done before and after the procedure?

You need to make sure that you avoid supplements such as Vitamin E, Omega Fish oils, Alcohol etc. about 1-2 days before and after the treatment. Besides this, you also need to avoid going to sauna, steam room, and perhaps engaging in high intensity interval training. 

Furthermore, it is advised not to go for any dental treatment which requires your mouth to be open excessively at least for 3-4 weeks. 

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