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Foundation – Is it a part of Skin Care Routine???

We are sooo very excited to bring to you one of the best foundations with amazing coverage. I have many patients in and out who keep asking me for that perfect product they can apply guilt – free on their face before an event or for daily skin care and now finally I have it with me :-).

Dermacol is a Czech Brand and has been around since 1960s and the word “Dermacol” is now synonymous with Perfect coverage. Before I start bragging let me tell you more about the Brand . Firstly this brand has been created taking Dermatologists along with them so we can be assured about the quality of the product. Just like an allergy test is carried out, this product has been tested on volunteers through a patch test. Let me explain. The product is applied on the sensitive and thin skinned areas and occluded with a band-aid and the area is evaluated in 4 to 24 hrs.

Dermacol is Ophthalmologically tested. That means the product has been used by volunteers for a period of 4 weeks and have been assessed at 2 weeks and 4 weeks with the help of questionnaire and assessment of the cornea and conjunctiva.

Dermacol is an hypoallergenic product. By that it means that the tendency for a person to get allergy from that product is drastically reduced. But that doesnt make the product totally allergy free.

Other benefits of the product is that it is suitable for sensitive skin and has not been tested on animals. Yeaa! Dermacol products contain innovative active products and

We have brought to our esteemed clients three of their wonderful products. One is the satin make – up base. Its a primer to be applied after cleansing and moisturising your face with a dermatologically Recommended Moisturiser. It gives a velvety touch to the skin, fills in your pores. The advantage is that your makeup wont get into the pores, so you can camouflage your pores well, prevent wrinkling of the makeup after long duration of application and it increases the durability of the makeup.

Our second and the hot selling product is the Legendary High Coverage Dermacol Foundation. (If you miss out the word “foundation” also it will do). The highlights of the product are that its hypoallergenic, Waterproof, preservative – free, for all skin types and i comes with an SPF 30! WOW! It gives a perfect coverage even in thin layers and can be used for blemishes, acne, pigmentation, spots, hiding tattoos, your dark circles, post procedure redness etc. It may be used for the face or body. I like the versatility of the product. If used in thin layers it gives a natural look. It has to be dabbed onto the skin and applied and ta-da! Dermacol comes in 16 shades. So for those who have trouble getting their perfect shade can opt for Dermacol.

Finally apply the Invisible fixing powder to set in the foundation for a long lasting coverage. The powder is very light weight and doesnt change the final color of the foundation but just gives a matte finish and gives an oil free experience.

Dermacol has a wide range of makeup products too. But we are currently only launching the camouflage range. I hope this post has been informative regarding the product per se, the application method, who can use the product ( anyone!), etc

We know the product is easily available online and there is a wide variation of the prices too. But please don’t fall for it because maximum products are fake. Go for genuine suppliers. We have one hundred percent Original Dermacol products you can be assured.

We are stocked with all three Dermacol products. Anyone is free to come try out their shade for that perfect coverage. We are accepting orders on call too. 9373866545 between 11am to 4pm.

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